There will be only one woman in the next government of New Caledonia which will be elected on Wednesday. Women’s associations are furious.

They were two in the previous government, there will only be one next Wednesday. Only one woman out of the eleven members of the new government. Isabelle Champmoreau is the only one in an eligible position. She was already in the previous government. She belongs to the AEC (Avenir en Confidence). It is a non independentist party.
“What place does the country want to give to women? “, the Union of Francophone Women of Oceania (UFFO) asks with bitterness in a statement issued on Sunday. The feminist movement speaks of a “real regression and lack of consideration” on the part of “all established political parties. “The UFFO demands” in the next government, the creation of a sector exclusively dedicated to women’s rights. “The president will be elected Wednesday, February 17. It will be the occasion for a small revolution since for the first time in forty years, he should be pro-independence.