The Miss Caledonia 2021 was elected on Saturday evening at the Jean-Marie Tjibaou Centre.

Emmy Chenin is 18 years old. She is from La Foa, a small town on the east coast of New Caledonia. She was elected among eight candidates. She will participate in Miss France 2022. Charlotte Bourre is her first runner-up and Tania Boutaouhima her second runner-up. She will make appearances in her Miss dress at various New Caledonian events throughout the year. During the ceremony, she promised “to be dynamic and committed to represent her country with dignity during her coronation year. She also said she would remain “humble and respectful.” She was all the more surprised to be elected as she did not really want to run. Until the last moment she even hesitated to go on stage. Emmy Chenin is a student at the university where she studies several foreign languages.