It should run along the west coast from north to south on Saturday 6th March.


New Caledonia is getting ready to welcome one of the most powerful cyclones of the last hundred years. Cyclone Niran is a category 5. It is therefore a “very intense” tropical cyclone. It is coming from the north. Its effects began to be felt around 10 am on Saturday 6. It is expected to track along the west coast. This is where the main cities of New Caledonia are located, including the capital, Noumea. Gusts are expected to reach more than 300 kilometres per hour. Alert No. 2 began this Saturday morning. So Caledonians must imperatively stay at home. The damage is likely to be extremely important. This cyclone comes at the worst possible moment. New Caledonia elected a new government last month, but there is still no president. The current government does not have all the powers of a real government as it can only expedite day-to-day business.


Cyclone Niran at 11 am Saturday 6 March. Image