To prevent the arrival of variant Covid viruses

French Polynesia has decided to close its borders to everyone. Only travellers who can justify a compelling reason (family, professional or health reasons) will be able to enter French Polynesia. The rare passengers arriving in Polynesia will have to stay two weeks in isolation. They will also have to undergo a screening test before boarding. The aim is to avoid the spread of Covid-19 variants. The government has explained that this closure should not exceed three months. This means that tourism is no longer possible in Tahiti and the Islands. At the same time, a vaccination campaign has started.

A loan from the State

This measure is a big blow for Polynesia. For this reason, the government has announced a package of economic measures to help businesses and individuals for a total of 6 billion CFP (79 million Australian dollars). A loan from the French government is expected to be taken out. President Édouard Fritch also announced that the government will increase the number of food solidarity baskets and kits”.

132 dead.

Polynesia is hard hit by the virus. There have already been 132 deaths for an archipelago with only 277,000 inhabitants. New Caledonia, another Pacific territory under French trusteeship, has not had any deaths. Currently, the virus is not circulating in New Caledonia. Nor is it circulating in the small archipelago of Wallis and Futuna.