At the end of the Council of Ministers held on Monday, September 28, Gabriel Attal, spokesman of the french government, explained that President Emmanuel Macron mentionned – during this council – the referendum in New Caledonia which will take place this Sunday, October 4.

Build the future
“The President talked about the second referendum on the future of New Caledonia that will take place at the end of this week. It might be followed by a third referendum”, Gabriel Attal said.
“The president will speak after this referendum and whatever the outcome, obviously, the government will be fully mobilized to build the future of this territory”, the spokesman added.

Watch > The intervention of the spokesman of the French government (in french):

The path of dialogue
Under the conditions of the Noumea Accord, signed in 1998, and which gave additional autonomy to the island, the local population will have to decide whether to remain in France or to become an independent state. The first of the three independence referendum was held on 4 November 2018.
The result was 56.7% for maintaining the status quo and 43.3% in favour of independence. And the turnout was 81% of the 174,995 voters eligible to vote in this referendum.

President Macron spoke to the nation on the results of this first referendum. “At the political level, there is no other way than dialogue”, said the French head of state.

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  • Main photo > French President Emmanuel Macron addressing the nation after the 2018 referendum in New Caledonia / Credits : YouTube Emmanuel Macron.