At the end of last year, the nickel plant of the Brazilian company Vale, located in New Caledonia, suffered major damage. The damage is estimated to be worth tens of millions of US dollars. They were caused by demonstrators opposed to the takeover of the plant by the trader Trafigura. These events revealed major security breaches. The plant is now owned by Prony Resources, a company with multiple shareholders, including Trafigura as a minor shareholder.

Former military personnel
The new owner has called on a large French company to ensure its security, the Erys Group. The Erys Group is specialised in securing sensitive sites such as nuclear power plants. It has protected sites in Asia, Africa and in the Middle East and works with highly qualified specialists.
Of course, New Caledonia is a large employer of security guards but it lacks real anti-riot specialists. It will also develop sophisticated surveillance systems. They are often former military personnel.