French Polynesia has decided to reinforce the containment measures for the population. Covid 19 is wreaking havoc on the population. The incidence rate, i.e. the number of new cases in relation to the population, is exploding. It is even one of the highest in the world. The measures below will last at least until 5 September. They will be renewed if the health situation so requires.


Reinforcement of containment measures

– On all the archipelagos of the Windward and Leeward Islands, the “confinement” becomes applicable every day of the week.

– Containment only at weekends is maintained in the 9 communes concerned in Tuamotu Gambier.

– In the Australs archipelago, the island of Rurutu will be subject to weekend confinement from Saturday 28 August.

– In the Marquesas Islands, where there are few cases and no hospitalization-COVID observed, no confinement measure is prescribed.

The public is not allowed to visit the following establishments:

– Shops, except for essential activities (food, medicine, computers, DIY, newspapers, etc.).

– However, deliveries and the collection of orders are permitted.

– Restaurants and bars, except for collective catering (canteens), deliveries and takeaway sales.

– Meeting rooms, sports halls, entertainment venues, cinemas,

– Museums and libraries.

– Dance halls and games rooms.

The High Commissioner of the Republic reminds the population that administrations, companies and employees should not stop working. Confinement does not mean that the whole of society must suddenly stop working. However, each structure is invited to adapt its organisation to limit meetings, avoid grouping employees in small spaces, reduce travel, and ensure that barrier measures are applied. The use of teleworking can be encouraged when it is compatible with the activity.

Extension of the curfew

On all the archipelagos, the curfew has been brought forward to 8pm and will end at 4am the following day. During the curfew, activity and travel restrictions are stronger than during the lockdown.

Restriction of movement

During the lockdown, travel is prohibited, with the exception of a few: to go to work, to go to places of worship, to buy food or medicine, etc.

To travel, Polynesians must carry a curfew and confinement certificate available on the Internet.

The High Commissioner of the Republic reminds us that police, gendarmerie and municipal police checks will be frequent and rigorous…

Consequences on tourism

The State and the Country have made the following clarifications concerning tourism:

– Hotels and guesthouses will not be closed.

– The authorities are not asking tourists to leave the territory, but they will have to stay in their hotels and guesthouses. In the affected areas, they will be subject to containment measures and curfew.

– Activities in hotels in the restricted areas may continue, but only for guests with a room in the hotel.

– Non-resident tourists whose stay involves a change of accommodation will be allowed to relocate and make the domestic flight on which they are booked.

– during the lockdown, cruises are prohibited in all archipelagos in accordance with regulations, but passengers will be allowed to stay in their cabins if they wish.

– Commercial yachting will have to cease its activity in the areas subject to containment.