The future French National Assembly is scaring Caledonian independence fighters.

On Sunday June 9, Europe’s 400 million voters cast their ballots to elect members of the European Parliament.

In France, the far-right won by a wide margin. It obtained 31.4 of the vote. French President Emmanuel Macron’s party took just 14.6 of the vote. The moderate left followed with 13.8%, ahead of the far left (9.9%).

Immediately after the result, Emanuel Macron decided to dissolve the French National Assembly. This is his right under the French constitution. He was not obliged to do so, since the European Parliament has nothing to do with the national parliament. French voters will therefore have to cast their ballots on June 30 for the first round and on July 7 for the second.

A high-risk gamble for Macron

It’s a risky gamble for Emmanuel Macron. The elections could bring the far right to power. As in Italy.

This decision has left the pro-independence parties perplexed.

The Rassemblement National is strongly opposed to independence. For the independentists, there is no worse enemy than the extreme right.

This dissolution comes at a very bad time. For the past three weeks, there have been very violent riots in New Caledonia.

Everyone is holding their breath, waiting to see if the results of the ballot box in mainland France will make the situation worse.

Independence fighters in French Polynesia are not reassured either…