The government of New Caledonia has decided to step up the fight against the coronavirus. The criteria for entry into New Caledonia should be reinforced in the next few days. He has already announced that vaccination will be mandatory to enter New Caledonia.

A response to those who refuse quarantine
Louis Mapou, the President, has also decided to suspend the passenger flight from Tokyo which was due to arrive in Noumea on Tuesday 16. It was carrying a large majority of military personnel. He wants to protest against those who file complaints in court for not carrying out quarantine. Louis Mapou announced that he would renew such a decision if necessary.

Pressuring French State
This is undoubtedly a way for the pro-independence president to put pressure on the French government. Justice is indeed an area that is not managed by Caledonia, but by the State (like the police and the army). This is the first major decision of President Mapou, who was elected to the post last July.

New Caledonia is probably the only country – or one of the few – in the world that is completely Covid-free. However, there is a debate on the issue. There are those who believe that this policy is effective, but that it cannot be sustained because of its prohibitive cost. There are also those who believe that Covid-free is priceless.