New Caledonia is confined for a fortnight.

The government of New Caledonia decided to confine the population on 7 September at noon after the discovery of three cases of Covid. The next day, there were already seven cases. One of the patients, who was not vaccinated, is in intensive care. The patients all have the delta variant.

Strict lockdown
All businesses are therefore closed, except for essential businesses. These include food shops, pharmacies, banks and insurance companies. Schools are also closed. Aeroplanes are at a standstill as well as the ferry that serves the Loyalty Islands. A large number of public establishments are also closed. Caledonians have to stay at home, except for certain reasons: to get food, to get medical care or to work for those who have the authorization.

We knew this was coming
The President of the Government, Louis Mapou, called for the sacred union of the whole of New Caledonia. He was heard, as all the political parties stopped campaigning for the referendum on 12 December. This will determine whether Caledonia will remain in France or gain independence.

The Caledonian paradise is joining the ranks. The government and health experts are not surprised, however, as they knew that keeping Caledonia with zero covid was impossible.

Avoid the French Polynesia disaster
The government’s objective is to avoid a Tahitian scenario. French Polynesia has suffered more than 500 deaths. Can it be avoided? It is possible, but it is a race against time. Currently, only 30% of the population is vaccinated. However, the pace should accelerate since the announcement of the new cases, the candidates for the vaccine (Pfizer) are multiplying…


Photo : Every day, one or more members of the New Caledonian government hold a press conference on the Covid crisis