Following the volcanic eruption and tsunami that hit the Tonga archipelago on January 15, international aid is being organized.

In coordination with the Ministry of Europe and Foreign Affairs, in liaison with the Tonga authorities and with the support of the European Union, the French Armed Forces are responding to the most urgent needs following the eruption of the Hunga Tonga-Hunga Ha’apai volcano on January 15.

The French Army in New Caledonia and Polynesia

Humanitarian aid is supported by the military forces present in New Caledonia and French Polynesia. The army has transported emergency cargo in partnership with the Red Cross. On Friday 21 January, under the operational control of the Armed Forces in New Caledonia (Fanc), the French Polynesian Armed Forces (FAPF) patrol boat Arago left for the Tonga Islands. It has on board nearly 40 tons of aid. On Monday, January 24, the patrol boat La Glorieuse of the Fancs set sail with nearly 10 tons of additional aid.

With Australia and New Zealand

The aid transported by these two ships represents 10,000 liters of drinking water, 2,000 combat rations, about 500 tents, 3,600 jerry cans of water, and various emergency equipment. Fanc air assets will also be engaged. A Gardian Falcon 200 will conduct reconnaissance flights on Tuesday, January 25, and a Casa will carry cargo on Wednesday, January 26, and Friday, January 28. These operations are being closely coordinated with Australia and New Zealand.