Two security guards were injured at gunpoint on Friday evening in a shopping center in the commune of Le Mont-Dore. One was “seriously injured”.
One of the security guards was hit in the neck by pellets lodged under the skin. The second had only scratches on his face. The mall was closed. The shooting (three shots) took place on the bangs of the riots that have been going on for three weeks in Greater Nouméa. This includes four communes: Nouméa, Mont-Dore, Païta and Dumbéa.

The hot spot of the Saint-Louis tribe

The Saint-Louis tribe is located in this commune? It’s the most dangerous place in New Caledonia. The access road to Nouméa has been blocked by roadblocks since the start of the riots. The rioters even pushed back the gendarmerie’s armored vehicles. For years, the inhabitants of Le Mont-Dore have been calling for a road to be built around the tribe. It would be extremely expensive, as it would have to be built over the sea.