The leader of Tahiti’s independence party (Tavini), Oscar Temaru, said on Monday evening that French Polynesia could achieve sovereignty “without going to a referendum”.

“The sooner we get it, the better: I think we should go ahead, there’s no need to be afraid,” said Mr. Temaru on the subject of Polynesian independence at a press conference on Monday evening, alongside local president Moetai Brotherson.
The leader of Tahiti’s pro-independence party, Oscar Temaru, claimed that French Polynesia could achieve sovereignty “without going through a referendum”.
At present,” he declared, ”a metropolitan who arrives here can vote six months later: do you think that if there’s a referendum, we can accept that? It’s not possible,

Temaru justifies trip to Azerbaijan

Oscar Temaru also defended the members of his party who travelled to the Azerbaijani dictatorship last week.
“The Western media fabricate what they want when it comes to a country with which they are not very much in tune”, he explained. Last week, Azerbaijan welcomed Polynesian representatives to a conference on the “right to decolonization”. At the same time, France accuses Azerbaijan of interference in New Caledonia and the French overseas territories.