The crisis had been brewing for several months

On Tuesday, 2 February, the two main pro-independence parties, the UC and UNI, announced the resignation of their members in the government. These resignations have the effect of bringing down the 11-member collegiate government.

In a joint communiqué, the resigning members gave the reasons for their action. This decision is linked to the crisis of confidence in the government over the sale of the southern nickel plant.

The nickel crisis

The independentists are opposed to the sale of the factory to the Swiss trader Trafigura. They want the factory owned by Brazilian Vale to be sold to the three provinces. The anti-independentists are in favour of this sale. For the past three months, this story has provoked demonstrations and clashes with the security forces.

Collegiality not respected

Independentists believe that the majority party, AE (l’Avenir en Confidence) does not respect the principle of collegiality of the government. The independentists also accuse AE of having failed to vote for Caledonia’s 2021 budget. The congress must therefore elect a new government within a fortnight.

In the meantime, Caledonia is getting ready to receive the tropical depression Lucas .