The government has decided to open up imports of yoghurt to 100%.

Until now, only dairy products from the European Union could be imported. The government’s stated aim is to reduce the carbon footprint of imports. European products have a higher carbon footprint than products from the Pacific zone, due to transport costs. The government’s aim is also to bring prices down. It might also be thought that another aim is to reduce trade with Europe in general, and France in particular, in favour of trade with countries in the Pacific zone. This is economics… and politics. The current government is presided over by an independentist, Moetai Brotherson.

The two local producers are furious. They were not consulted on the matter. They believe that this decision goes against local employment.

Importers rejoice

 Importers will undoubtedly be the big beneficiaries of this measure. They could have cheaper products than their local competitors. Production plants in New Zealand, Australia and the United States are much larger than those in Polynesia. They produce in larger quantities.Local producers also fear that imported products will be of lower quality. In these countries, production standards are much lower than in Europe. These products are often much sweeter.Yet the fight against