French Polynesia has more Covid-19 deaths than the world average.

To that day, 49 people have died from Covid-19 in French Polynesia. This is a high fatality rate for a territory of 277,000 inhabitants with one Covid-19 death for 5,660 inhabitants.

This is more than the world average which is one death for 6,220 inhabitants. And much more than in Australia which has only one dead for 28,075 inhabitants. Not to mention New Zealand with – only – 25 deaths for 5 million inhabitants.
The comparison with the other two French territories in the Pacific is also terrible since there were no deaths in New Caledonia nor Wallis and Futuna.

School situation
The situation is all the more dramatic in French Polynesia as 51,000 students have just finished their vacations and have to go back to school which, everyone knows, a major nest of microbes and viruses. The situation is such that the hospitals are in danger of being saturated.
Moreover, voices raise in the archipelago to say that the measures taken to prevent the spread of the virus have not been strict enough. However, the health protocol has been strengthened in schools, including the use of tests by the school nurse in case of suspicion of Covid-19. But this is not enough to make parents confident and the local administration expects very high absenteeism in the schools in the following days.

Photo > The Taaone Hospital in Pirae, Tahiti Island. Photo :