New Caledonian political delegations to stay for a week

The week began on Monday 4 September with a meeting on nickel. It brought together the main players in New Caledonian nickel under the chairmanship of the Minister for the Economy and Finance, Bruno Le Maire. Representatives of the main political parties were also present. Nickel is New Caledonia’s main resource.

Bilateral talks only

On Tuesday afternoon, the political representatives will meet again at the Ministry of the Interior. The independentists and non-independents will not be around the table together. They will each meet the Minister separately. These meetings are called “bilaterals”.

In search of trilaterals…

The Prime Minister will meet the New Caledonian delegations on Wednesday 6. Once again, each political camp will meet separately with the Prime Minister. The meetings will continue on Thursday and Friday. Again, only bilateral meetings are planned. It will probably take a bit of luck for these two camps to finally agree to sit down together around a table.
There are no plans for meetings with the President of the Republic… officially.