The President of the Government of New Caledonia, Louis Mapou, and the President of the South Pacific Community (SPC), Stuart Minchin, signed a partnership agreement in front of the representatives of the 27 territories and states of the South Pacific Commission (SPC).

On Monday 23 October, Louis Mapou, President of the Government of New Caledonia, and Dr Stuart Minchin, Director of the South Pacific Community (SPC), signed a framework agreement to strengthen the link between the two bodies. Louis Mapou expressed his satisfaction at the continuation of this cooperation: “SPC has been in New Caledonia for 75 years. We have come to realise that we have done very little work with SPC, given our level of development and the needs we had. But the government knew it could count on the international institution.

Strengthening the SPC in Noumea

The aim of the agreement is to enable the organisation to continue its development, particularly among young people and women in New Caledonia. Technical cooperation with New Caledonia will be strengthened to improve regional integration in New Caledonia. Communication will also be improved. “At a time when New Caledonia is seeking to integrate into its region, we can benefit from this illustrious institution, which has a level of expertise that enables us to shine in the Pacific through it”, said Louis Mapou. 2024 will mark 75 years of SPC’s presence in New Caledonia. At the end of the week, the 13th Ministerial Conference of the Pacific Community will be held. It will bring together the representatives of the 27 States and Territories that govern the SPC.
Photo: Louis Mapou on the left, Stuart Minchin on the right