Health authorities warn the public

According to the World Health Organisation (WHO), 130 countries are affected by dengue (indigenous cases). There are already more than four million cases worldwide.
Polynesia fears it could be swamped by the disease. The medical authorities in Polynesia reveal that all the conditions are in place for this to happen. Cases of type 2 dengue fever are exploding in Asia. So far, only two cases have been recorded in Polynesia, but things can move very quickly in this area. The authorities are sending out messages to the population to destroy breeding sites.

New Caledonia on the verge of overcoming dengue fever

New Caledonia does not seem to be affected by this epidemic. Over the last four years, New Caledonia has released thousands of mosquitoes contaminated with the Wolbachia bacterium into the wild. This prevents the transmission of the arboviruses that cause dengue fever, Zika and chikungunya. The World Mosquito Program experiment has been a great success so far. There were only two cases of dengue fever in 2022. Both patients were infected during a trip…