Since Monday 14 March, masks are no longer required outdoors and the health pass has been abolished in most public places and businesses.

The government of New Caledonia and the High Commission, which represents the French State, announced on Friday 11 March a new reduction of measures against Covid. Cinemas, restaurants, sports halls or game rooms, theaters or museums are exempted from health pass. The measures come into force for a period of observation of fifteen days. The pass remains mandatory for health, social and medico-social establishments.

There is no more quarantine

The authorities warn that these measures are being tested for 15 days. Since March 10, travelers arriving in New Caledonia are no longer required to go through quarantine (for seven days). However, a Covid test remains mandatory for all travelers, before boarding and two days after arrival. Unvaccinated persons must still declare on their honor to accept a test upon arrival and adhere to a prophylactic seven days. Non-vaccinated persons must also be able to demonstrate a compelling reason for travel.