On Saturday 25 September around 2000 people demonstrated in Noumea against the obligation to be vaccinated.

It is very surprising that this demonstration was allowed, as Caledonia is in the middle of a lockdown. The epidemic is currently taking its toll with 10 deaths yesterday alone. We are heading towards a Tahitian-style scenario with nearly 600 deaths for a population of just under 300,000. This demonstration deeply shocks the medical staff who struggle day and night to care for the covid patients.

France, home of human rights

The hospital is already almost saturated. France had to send several hundred people to help the medical staff in New Caledonia. This demonstration was all the more shocking in Caledonia as most of the participants were not vaccinated. Despite promises to respect the distance between people, everyone could see clusters of people being very close to each other.

The High Commissioner, who represents the French state in Caledonia, explained that the right to demonstrate was not being taken away, even during a lockdown. France… home of human rights. And meanwhile, the demonstrators were marching and denouncing… dictatorship…