Due to the confinement, Catholics can no longer attend mass. Masses are broadcast live on Radio Nouvelle-Calédonie la 1ère and on Facebook. The Kanaky-New Caledonian Protestant Church also suffers from the confinement. However, the service is also broadcast on public radio (NC la première). The pastor invites families to meditate at home every morning. The faithful also have at their disposal websites that broadcast meditations.

Fifteen more days

This situation is expected to last at least two more weeks. The strict confinement has indeed been extended. After that, the government will announce a partial deconfinement, which will depend on the progress of the number of vaccinated people. Vaccinated people could be allowed to enter certain places, while non-vaccinated people could not. On Sunday 3 October, Caledonia already had 150 deaths less than a month after the official arrival of the virus.


Photo : Both small and large churches are closed. Here, the church of Vao on Pine Island