The Chamber of Accounts (CTC), which controls the management of public bodies, is not tender with Polynesia as regards water and waste management. Its new report has just been published.

The Chamber of Accounts talks about navigation at sight and lack of strategy. The Environment Code provides that a “territorial waste prevention and management plan” must be validated. It defines the objectives, orientations and actions of waste prevention and management for all the archipelagos of French Polynesia”. The project dates from 2014. We are still waiting.

This is not good for Polynesia’s image

In 2016, more than 250 dumps more or less wild had been counted on Tahiti and Moorea. Since then, the situation has not improved. Of course, the subject is complex and above all, extremely costly. The reforms to be made can be counted in tens of billions of francs. That said, everyone agrees that this is a priority. Everyone seems to be aware that the situation cannot continue, because it is the very image of this paradise on earth that is at stake…