The Caledonian film Waan Yaat won the second special prize of the Jury at the FIFO (International Oceanian Film Festival of Papeete).
The film recounts the case of the Hienghène ambush in 1984. On 5 December 1984, in Waan Yaat, in the Hienghène valley, Kanak independence activists were ambushed. Ten people were killed and five seriously injured. Two of Jean-Marie Tjibaou’s brothers, as well as his nephews and cousins, lost their lives. It was directed by Emmanuel Desbouiges and Dorothée Tromparent,
The Audience Award was given to Motu Haka, le combat des Iles Marquises. For 40 years, the Motu Haka association has had the mission of defending and preserving the culture of the Marquesas Islands. It was directed by
Raynald Mérienne.