The end of compelling reasons to travel between France and its overseas territories (except Wallis and Futuna) will come into force on Monday 16 May and not this Saturday 14 May. The decree stipulates that it will come into force on 16 May.

End of the test for vaccinated people

From now on, unvaccinated travellers will be able to go to New Caledonia or Polynesia. They will just have to present a negative test. Wallis and Futuna still require vaccination. Non-vaccinated passengers will no longer have to present a test.

No more masks on planes

The French government has also announced the end of the obligation to wear a mask on public transport. This also concerns planes. In New Caledonia, the virus is not very active, but the number of sick people is increasing. The local government has asked Caledonians to remain vigilant. Thus, here and there, we still see Caledonians wearing masks.