The main non-independence parties in New Caledonia have decided to unite in order to face the independentists.

Sonia Backès, Gil Brial, Nicolas Metzdorf and Philippe Dunoyer, the leaders of four non-independence parties, have signed an agreement after years of conflict. They have created a loyalist union. They will form a common group in Congress. They consider that the decolonisation process is over after the three referendums that saw the victory of the NO to independence. The objective is now to negotiate “between independentists and non-independents, under the authority of the State, a “political status freely decided” and “approved by the populations”.

The negotiations are going to be tense

They are almost all there. Only two out of six are missing.

Only the Rassemblement (Jacques Lafleur’s former party – 6 elected at the congress) and the small far-right party RN did not sign the agreement. This new union will support the candidates of the President of the Republic Emmanuel Macron in the legislative elections of next June.

The upcoming negotiations with the pro-independence party (FLNLS) are expected to be difficult…