A film crew is currently filming the sets of a prehistoric documentary on the Isle of Pines. 
NBC is only interested in the natural landscapes of Caledonia. Digital images of dinosaurs will be embedded in the landscape. The TV series Surviving Earth will tell the story of these reptiles 200 million years ago. This is not a leisure series. It has a real scientific ambition. A few weeks ago, scientists came to do some scouting. There were palaeontologists and botanists who were looking for landscapes similar to those of that period. The Araucarias of the Isle of Pines, these large trees with short, pointed green leaves, can be found there.
An eight-part series
Filming is scheduled to last five weeks. The team will shoot in the North and South, on the East and West coasts. Caledonia will not be the only territory involved in the series. Footage will also be shot in Argentina, Canada and Brazil. The eight-part series will be broadcast next year.