The President of the Government of New Caledonia is completing his two-week visit to Paris. He met with Prime Minister Elisabeth Borne. 

Louis Mapou insisted that he had not come to Paris to discuss the institutional future of Caledonia. This issue is negotiated by the political parties. Louis Mapou said he had come to Paris only to settle technical issues.
The pro-independence president has asked for additional support from the state. This consists of a 110 million euro aid for this year. (180 million Australian dollars).

A “rather favourable” reception from the French government

Louis Mapou said he had received a rather favourable reception from the government. According to him, the State is willing to support the New Caledonian government in this 2023-2024 phase. In return, the State has asked Louis Mapou to continue the reforms undertaken since his arrival at the head of the government.

Louis Mapou has also asked to benefit from “a certain amount of national expertise in New Caledonian civil and commercial law and in strategy for the nickel industry. He also wants to receive expertise in the complex issue of New Caledonia’s electricity system. Louis Mapou returns to a New Caledonia shaken by various conflicts such as the very sensitive financing of religious education…
Photo: Louis Mapou with Interior Minister Gérald Darmanin (Photo Mnc).