They are to discuss the future of New Caledonia with the President of the Republic, but the local political parties are very divided…

About twenty New Caledonian politicians have left for Paris. They will discuss the future of New Caledonia with Prime Minister Jean Castex and with the President of the Republic, Emmanuel Macron. The initial objective of this trip was to find a date for the next referendum. This will decide whether or not Caledonia will be independent. The elected representatives must also discuss with the representatives of the State the different possible scenarios for Caledonia: independence, independence-association, remaining in France, etc. They must also work on the basis of a 46-page document written by the State services. This document has caused a lot of ink to flow.

Official version
All this is conditional, because the UNI, one of the main pro-independence parties, has decided not to participate in these discussions. Officially, the party of the President of the North Province, Paul Néaoutyine, is giving itself time to analyse the document. The reality is probably more complex. Indeed, for more than three months, Caledonia has not had a government president. The two pro-independence parties in power (UC and UNI) cannot agree on the election of a president.

Old conflict
The conflict between the two tendencies of the pro-independence movement is old. In the meantime, the presidency is exercised by the former non-independence president, Thierry Santa. He can only dispatch the current affairs.
The political situation in New Caledonia is not all beer and skittles…


Photo > Pros and cons independence in New Caledonia meeting the French minister of Overseas territories, Sebastien Lecornu, in Paris, on May, 31. Credits > @SebLecornu Twitter account