Three days after the discovery of the first cases of Covid in New Caledonia, the number of patients is increasing sharply. There are now 66 patients and 7 people in intensive care. The cases have been detected in several locations in Caledonia and are not linked. It is therefore highly likely that the virus is circulating throughout Caledonia and that the epidemic will explode in the coming days. The Caledonian government immediately placed Caledonians on a two-week lockdown. There is a strong possibility that this period will be extended.  The French state, for its part, has declared Caledonia to be in a state of health emergency.

This means that Caledonia will be able to benefit from new economic aid. This includes the solidarity fund for local businesses.



Map of vaccinodromes in Caledonia. Barely 30% of the population has been vaccinated, but the vaccination campaign has intensified since the first case was announced.