It will stop publishing on Thursday 16 March. This concerns its weekend paper version and its daily digital version.

New Caledonia’s only daily newspaper will close its doors on Thursday 23 March. At the beginning of the year, it had abandoned its paper version for a 100% digital version. This was not enough. The newspaper Les Nouvelles, bought nine years ago by a Caledonian group (the Jeandot group), has accumulated debts. This is a real earthquake in Caledonia. The newspaper was founded in 1971.

A hundred people unemployed

The group’s printing plant is also expected to close, as well as a paper advertisement newspaper. This bankruptcy means that around 100 people will be made redundant. The liquidation should be officially announced by the court on 16 March.

There are only two paid newspapers left in Caledonia. The best-selling is Le Chien bleu, a monthly satirical newspaper that has existed for 25 years. It is independent and refuses advertising. Its motto is “Y en aura pour tout le monde…”.
The other paid newspaper is a weekly,, whose content is very clearly politically committed to the right.