It’s a thunderclap in the French Pacific.

Gaston Flosse, the ex-president of French Polynesia now wants French Polynesia to be sovereign. He proposes that the country be associated with France. Gaston Flosse was a close friend of French President Jacques Chirac. He has always campaigned for French Polynesia to remain in France.
Gaston Flosse gave this information when he changed the name of his party. It is no longer called Tahoeraa Huiraatira, but Amuitahiraa o te nuna’a Maohi.
During a press conference, the 89-year-old was very critical of the State and the current president of the government, Edouard Fritch, who has been his faithful companion for more than thirty years.

Flosse criticises France
Gaston Flosse reproaches France for two things. The first is its management of the Covid crisis. He believes that on this subject the State is trampling on the autonomy of Polynesia, which from a legal point of view is independent in matters of health. The second thing concerns nuclear testing. He believes that he was deceived by France on the harmlessness of nuclear tests.
Gaston Flosse has now taken a step forward. He no longer wants Polynesia to be “in” France, but… next to it.

Consequences for New Caledonia
In the coming months, he will have to clarify his thinking. Is it an independence that does not say its name or is it a very strong autonomy? Is it just one of the old politician’s last political moves? Is it just pressure on the State for subterranean reasons?
Whatever the case, this announcement will undoubtedly have a very strong impact in New Caledonia, which is due to hold a referendum in December to decide on its independence and its continued presence in France. The pro Kanak independence are calling for independence in association with France.