Sonia Backès, one of the main loyalists leaders in New Caledonia, wrote a tribune published on October 7 in the leading French newspaper Le Monde.
The president of the South province (the richest of the three local provinces) is very critical against the pro-independence supporters who lost the second referendum on independence on October 4 with 46.7% of the votes.

For Sonia Backès, this is proof that “the independentists did not win the battle of ideas”.
“The Caledonians have indeed not yielded to the sirens of independence,” she wrote, “because they are aware of the risks they would run if New Caledonia became independent”.
The loyalist leader insisted on the numerous promises made by the independentists who never explained how they will finance their projecs.

Citizen only
She also reminded reminded to French readers that 40,000 people living on the island, some of them for decades, have been excluded from the voters as only new caledonian citizens ar able to vote.
Those who have arrived in New Caledonia after 1994 are not on the voters list.

Society project
It’s no surprise that Daniel Goa, leader of the Caledonian Union, the main pro-independence party, sees things differently.
In an op-dd published on Tuesday, October 5, in the Nouvelles calédoniennes, New Caledonia’s only daily newspaper, Daniel Goa believes that the pro-independence supporters were the only one propose a real society project.

Mr Goa reveals that the “Yes” camp’s goal is to gain independence in the third referendum which could be organised in two years’ time.
The boss of Jean-Marie Tjibaou’s party even promises to reach the score of 60%.

Sébastien Lecornu, France’s Overseas minister is due in New Caledonia on Saturday, October 9, for three-week visit. He will meet the key leaders of the Caledonian political forces.

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