Although there is no longer any massive looting or fires, the situation is far from back to normal. Every night, there are fights between rioters and the police in the northern districts of Nouméa (Auteuil, Koutio). The situation has not returned to normal in Mont-Dore, a commune bordering Nouméa. The CCAT (Comité de Coordination des Actions de Terrain), which organized the blockades, is now overwhelmed by the rioters. Every day, small groups of rioters break into empty houses and carry out car-jackings. Negotiations between the pro-independence and loyalist parties are at a standstill. The two main pro-independence parties, the Palika and the UC, are very divided on the course of action to take. The Palika (Paul Néaoutyine) is in favor of negotiations, while the UC (Daniel Goa – the CCAT) is, for the time being, opposed.