Louis Mapou to meet with key government officials

It’s not a visit, it’s a Marathon. Louis Mapou will be meeting an impressive number of political and administrative leaders over two short weeks.
His programme will include the Minister of Foreign Affairs, the Minister of the Interior and Overseas Territories, the President of the National Assembly, the Minister of Justice and, of course, the Prime Minister Elisabeth Borne. The President of the Caledonian government will also go to the Élysée Palace where the President of the Republic, Emmanuel Macron, is present.

Independents and non-independents… irreconcilable?

Some of these visits are purely technical, but it is obvious that this trip will be very political. Caledonia is indeed at a very important moment in its history. The independentists and the non-independents are neck and neck, both in the elections and in the polls. Tension is rising between the independentists who want independence as soon as possible and the non-independents who absolutely do not want it. Sonia Backès, a non-independence leader and member of Elisabeth Borne’s government (in Paris) has even filed a complaint in court against Daniel Goa, president of the main independence party (UC) for his remarks during a political meeting.
New Caledonian politics is like squaring the circle…