The Tavini (Independents) won the territorial elections in French Polynesia. It came out on top in the second round on 1 May. The Tapura and the A Here will sit in the opposition.

According to the provisional results, the pro-independence party obtained 44.2% of the vote. It gained nearly 10 points compared to the first round (34.9%).
Oscar Temaru’s party won 19 seats. The Tavini will thus have a very large majority: 38 seats out of the 57 in the hemicycle.
Between the two rounds, the two non-independence parties of the two brothers Gaston Flosse and Édouard Fritch had made an alliance. This alliance could have hoped for 42% of the vote. It only obtained 38.5%. It should have 16 seats in the assembly. Edouard Fritch will therefore have to leave the presidency of the country in the coming days, which he has held for the past ten years.

Election of the President at the end of May

Nicole Sanquer and Nuihau Laurey’s A Here finished third in the poll. The party obtained 14.6% of the votes in the first round and reached 17.2% in the second round. It will have three representatives.
The 57 newly elected representatives will meet on 11 May to designate the new president of the Polynesian Assembly. Antony Géros should be elected President of the Assembly. The new President of French Polynesia will be elected within 15 days. The post should go to Moetai Brotherson for 5 years. He will then have to appoint the ministers of his government.
In order to take up his new post, Moetai Brotherson will have to resign from his position as a deputy in the National Assembly in Paris.