It will be held on Sunday 12 December

For Gabriel Attal, spokesman for the government of the French Republic, “Democracy sticks to the calendar and the fixed deadlines”. The independentists had indeed asked the State to postpone the date of the referendum planned for Sunday 12 December because of the numerous victims of the Covid and the mourning operations (280 deaths in three months for 275 000 inhabitants). Government spokesman Castex (Prime Minister of Emmanuel Macron) told Agence France Presse that “only the health situation could have postponed the date of the referendum. The health situation is improving, and here again, in consultation with the local authorities, we have decided to maintain the date of 12 December.

The important thing is the post-referendum period

The young spokesman also replied that: “Whatever the outcome of the vote, the government is focused on the success of the day after. With the boycott of the independentists, it is almost certain that the NO vote will win. Everyone in Caledonia knows that this will not solve anything. The discussions for the AFTER have already started in the wings…