There were clashes in the city center on Monday, December 7 . Law enforcement officers repelled the blockers with tear gas.

On Monday 7 December, opponents of the planned takeover of the factory in the south by the Swiss oil trader Trafigura blocked part of Noumea. As a result, traffic was cut off on several major roads. There were clashes in the city centre between the blockers and the security forces. There were several burnt cars and stone throwing. The security forces responded with tear gas and rubber bullet weapons.

Back to normal
Maritime shuttles were then set up to transport emergencies: dialysis patients, sick people and priority personnel. Bus traffic on the entire Noumea network was neutralised in the morning. Many parents went to pick up their children from school.
In the early afternoon, the police reported that all the entrances to Noumea were clear. Blockers are not static. They change targets several times during the day.