The Polynesian “health pass” is compulsory from 22 November for inter-island travel from Tahiti (except to Mooréa) and from 1 December for other activities: exhibitions, fairs, concerts, nightclubs… 


The health pass has been presented by the Polynesian health authorities as a “health proof” of at least one of the following three things:

– A certificate of vaccination for fully vaccinated persons;

– A negative test less than 72 hours old;

– A certificate of recovery, also known as a positive test certificate from the 11th day after infection and for six months from the date of the test. This can be a paper or digital document.

An easy-to-obtain pass

The pass is easily obtained on the Internet. People with proof of a complete vaccination schedule for more than 14 days (two doses of Pfizer or one dose of Janssen and a booster of Pfizer) will be able to apply and receive their certificate with a QR code. 
Polynesians can obtain a test very easily in a pharmacy or laboratory.

In paper or digital form

The “health pass” can be kept in a paper version or in a digital version by scanning the codes with the “TousAntiCovid” application which will keep them in memory.

The authorities of the country have reminded that the persons in charge of the establishments and events must only check the pass. They are not entitled to check the identity of people. This is the responsibility of the police and gendarmerie.

A very high penalty in case of fraud

The fine for fraud is up to 209 Australian dollars for not presenting a pass, and up to 65,555 Australian dollars for fraud on a health pass…

It should be noted that the health pass has been in use for a long time in France and in New Caledonia, where it has become common practice.