The 219,160 New Caledonian voters were invited on Sunday 12 June to elect two deputies to the National Assembly.

No one was elected in the first round. Four candidates will participate in the second round. Never before have New Caledonians voted so little, as the turnout was 32.5%.
In the constituency of Nouméa and the Loyalty Islands, the two qualified candidates are Philippe Dunoyer, the outgoing non-independent MP (presidential majority). He obtained 40.83% of the votes. He will face in the second round the pro-independence candidate, Wali Wahetra (FLNKS-Palika). She obtained 21.6% of the votes. There were eight candidates.

It is closer in the second constituency

In the second constituency, the one of the small communes of Grande Terre, the result is closer. The non-independence candidate, Nicolas Metzdorf (Majorité présidentielle), came first with 33.7% of the votes. He will be opposed in the second round to the independentist Gérard Regnier (UC-FLNKS). The latter got 32.7% of the votes. There were nine candidates.

Two candidates of Emmanuel Macron

The two leading candidates are favourites for the second round. They belong to the presidential majority. They therefore support the President of the Republic Emmanuel Macron. The second round of elections will take place on Sunday 19 June.