During a demonstration in front of the CPS (Pacific community)

On Saturday 23rd, a journalist from the public channel NC Première was violently beaten by a group of demonstrators who had come to protest against compulsory vaccination and the health pass. The group was in front of the premises of the South Pacific Commission (CPS) in Noumea where the social round table organised by the Government with the social partners was being held.

The TV station filed a complaint

The subject of this meeting was to reflect on the continuation or not of the vaccination obligation and on the modalities of the health pass. Two men tried several times to grab the cameraman. Then, a demonstrator suddenly hit our colleague in the face. The management of Nouvelle-Calédonie la 1ère and France Télévisions, the local station’s parent company, strongly condemn this cowardly and violent act and offer their support to the attacked journalist. A complaint has been filed against the perpetrator and the activist