Jacques Chirac’s old friend believes this is the only way forward for Polynesia.

After a new conviction, the 91 year old lion creates a new party in favour of French Polynesia becoming a sovereign state associated with France.
“This association,” writes Gaston Flosse, “will allow us to entrust to France, under our control, the exercise by France of some of our sovereign and regal competences, for example justice, security, diplomacy.”
Flosse says that the new state could ALSO enter into association agreements with other states.

The only chance not to lose…

So the old man, who has fought independence all his life, goes very far. Why has he come to this point ? He thinks that ‘pure’ independence would be a failure and that remaining purely within France is archaic and unsuited to the 21st century. He also believes that shared sovereignty is the only way to keep the Polynesian right afloat. The right-wing is likely to be defeated in the next elections in May next year.