The heads of ten New Caledonian and Polynesian companies are in Singapore to develop economic relations with the Singaporean market.

Various meetings are planned with Singapore business leaders. Here are the ten companies represented?

For Caledonia
The company is a start-up created in 2022 by Hervé Thomas. It manufactures floating marine airports for seaplanes.
Island Robotics
The company was created in January 2021. It specializes in underwater robotics.
Founded in 2005, Salmon NC specializes in the rental of mining equipment. It now has 50 employees.
Agri logic systeme
Founded in 1998, the company is an expert in GreenTech engineering, with six employees. It develops innovative and sustainable technical solutions for agriculture, to meet the challenges of climate change.
Visioon specializes in image and video processing. It works with scientists studying the seabed.
Marlin Bleu
Founded in 2004, Le Marlin Bleu specializes in the marketing of fish-based salads.

For Polynesia
Robert Wan pearl
Founded in 1973, the famous Robert Wan brand is renowned for its Tahitian pearls.
Tahiti marine group
Founded in 2023, Tahiti Marine Group specializes in sea cucumbers for the seafood industry.

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