The French President spent 18 hours in New Caledonia. He met (separately) with elected representatives of all political persuasions.

As he does every day, here are the day’s highlights.


– The Head of State said he would not force through the law on the thawing of the electoral body.

– He wants a global agreement negotiated by Caledonian elected representatives “which will be put to the vote of Caledonians”.

– He was unable to bring the political forces together for joint discussions. Meetings were held separately.

– Emmanuel Macron took off in the middle of the night after a whirlwind 18-hour visit to New Caledonia.

– Nouméa-la Tontouta airport will remain closed until 9 a.m. on Tuesday.

– Schools will remain closed next week on Grande Terre, another uncertainty for the island province. With the school vacations, school will not resume until June 17.

– The pro-independence parties are discussing among themselves how to proceed.

– The forces of law and order will remain on the ground as long as necessary.