Until now, New Caledonia was the only developed country in the world without covid patients. This originality is now a thing of the past. Nine cases of Covid-19 have been detected in people returning from Wallis and Futuna. People arriving in New Caledonia from Wallis and Futuna did not need to be quarantined. This was also the case for Caledonians going to Wallis and Futuna. It was what is called a health bubble between the two French territories in the Pacific. So the bubble exploded.

14-days confinement
The New Caledonian authorities in agreement with the French State decided to confine the population for a fortnight from Tuesday 9 March. The details of the confinement will be revealed tomorrow Monday. It can already be said that all schools will be closed from Monday 8 March. The high commissioner representing the President of the Republic, Emmanuel Macron announced on Sunday 7 March that the vaccination campaign would be stepped up.