The Minister of Overseas Territories in the government of Emmanuel Macron, Sebastien Lecornu is in New York. He will meet with representatives of the “Committee of 24” (C24) of the United Nations (UN). The objective of these meetings is to take stock of the decolonization process of New Caledonia. Lecornu will also address the issue of the prospects opened up by the results of the three referendums (2018, 2020 and 2021). The NO to independence has obtained a majority in each of the three referendums (the independentists boycotted the referendum of last December).

The Minister will also talk about the development of a new status for Caledonia. During this meeting at the United Nations, the timetable will also be discussed, since a period of dialogue must lead, within 18 months, to the elaboration of a new status for New Caledonia.