It is a first in Wallis and Futuna

On Thursday, February 10, a peaceful demonstration was organized in Wallis and Futuna to denounce the banking system. The organizers (private companies) explained in an open letter to the authorities that they were expecting major changes in the banking sector. In particular, they want companies to be better considered and individuals to be better supported. This protest was followed by action. A meeting by video conference took place the next day with the management of the bank (BWF) which is based in New Caledonia. The demonstrators were able to obtain the reopening of accounts that had recently been closed.

A bank more available to individuals

This was one of the main demands of the organizers. The bank also agreed to open its counters more often. They will be open every day from the 24th to the 31st of each month. This corresponds to the period when Wallisians and Futunians receive their salaries. Until now, the bank was only open every other day. Another videoconference is planned for this week. Of the 11 points of demands identified in their letter of January 26, 4 have already received favorable responses.