Emmanuel Macron’s Minister of the Interior and Overseas Territories is in New Caledonia. He presented the conclusions of a decolonization audit

The aim of the audit was to analyze the measures taken by the State to support New Caledonia in the decolonization process. There were seven principles:
– free choice of political/institutional status ;
– free choice of economic, social and cultural development ;
– sovereignty of peoples over their natural resources;
– non-use of force;
– international cooperation;
– migratory flows;
– the plan of action to eliminate colonialism.

Some sixty personalities interviewed

The authors of the audit met with some sixty personalities from a variety of backgrounds. According to the UN, France should have allowed Caledonia to exercise its right of self-determination. The audit concludes that France has kept its word. The UN validates the results of the three referendums held in 2018, 2020 and 2021, in which the “no” to independence prevailed.
With regard to economic, social and cultural development, the UN notes the persistence of state financial intervention and social inequalities. Inequalities that are increasingly affecting the Kanak population.