How to involve citizens in conflict resolution?

The legal and economic research laboratory of the University of New Caledonia is embarking on a new international research project entitled “Inclusive Peace”. The project involves 20 academic partners in Canada (SSHRC), mainland France (ANR), Japan (JSPS) and England (ESRC). The project has a total funding of AUD$2 million.) The University of New Caledonia alone will have approximately AUD 658,000. This is the largest research budget obtained in the social sciences at the UNC since its creation.

A very ambitious project

This research project focuses on conflict resolution in divided societies. They seek to find solutions to include citizens in power sharing. In conflict areas, international mediators frequently recommend power sharing between ethnic groups with opposing aspirations. This, they argue, is a way to end wars and build peace.
Work has already been done on Northern Ireland and South Africa. Research is underway on Lebanon and Bosnia-Herzegovina. The study reported in this article will cover Cyprus, New Caledonia and Mindanao in the Philippines.
The research project will last three years.