A delegation of pro-independence elected representatives, the Maohi Protestant Church and the association 193 (for the recognition of the nuclear fact) will participate in the annual meeting of the 4th decolonisation commission of the United Nations at the beginning of October. “While France is cooperating on the Caledonian file, it still refuses to discuss the Polynesian case. The reinstatement of Polynesia on the list of countries to be decolonised has not made things move”, assures the public media Polynésie la 1ère.
Since the reinstatement of Fenua on the UN list of countries to be decolonized, in May 17, 2013, France has opted for the policy of the empty chair before the Committee of 24 and the 4th Committee of the UN.
“So what future for the decolonisation file of French Polynesia?”, questions Polynésie la 1ère. “The Tavini, a pro-independence party, wants the concrete application of the 2013 resolution. To put it plainly, to negotiate with France, a decolonisation process.” A view not shared by Edouard Fritch, who in 2019 called for the withdrawal of the May 2013 resolution.
During his official visit to French Polynesia in July 2021, President Macron hammered home the point that his priority was to guarantee an Indo-Pacific axis preserved from the appetites of China or the United States. To achieve this, Emmanuel Macron reaffirmed the need for French Pacific communities to be more firmly anchored in the region.

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